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Online content engineering - content creation, implementation, management and analysis.

Digital Shadow Management- Corporate ID website for multimedia content engineering firm.
Wide World of Work - Global blogazine covering employment and work.
The Icarian Blog - Left-leaning blogazine.

White - Website for rare flower blub native to the Mediterraean.

Online Content Creation and Management

Website content planning, implementation, management & analysis. home page - Senior online editor responsible for all content planning, content selection and scheduling for B2B website with 250,000 unqiue visitors and 900,000 page views monthly. Redesigned editorial content mix to emphasize news resulting in increased hits and time on site. Reorganized editorial format into six sub-home pages.

Programmed all editorial content and spearheaded a redesign of this B2B website with 250,000 unique visits monthly, moving from feature-heavy to news-driven. Unique visits increased 10% annually during four years in the face of rapidly increasing competition from blogs and other online publications. In 2007 was named a Top 10 B2B Publication of the Year and Workforce Week received the Silver Award for E-Newsletter General Excellence from the American Society of Business Publication Editors.

Programmed all content for B@B marketing website, whiched drew about 60,000 unique vistors way back in 2004.

Programmed all editorial content for B@B marketing website, which drew about 60,000 unique visitors way back in 2004. Also edited an email newsletter with approximately 120,000 subscribers.

E-mail newsletter content planning, implementation, management & analysis.

Workforce Week e-mail newsletter

Managed production and content of an award-winning weekly 230,000-subscriber e-newsletter, Workforce Week. Increased reader engagement; doubled newsletter opens and clicks of a 7-year-old newsletter.

Workforce Recruiting, Dear Workforce and Workforce Benefits are twice-monthly e-mail newsletters

Edited a twice-monthly e-newsletter Workforce Recruiting with 150,000 subscribers (since renamed Workforce) and a 175,000-circulation Q&A newsletter, Dear Workforce. Redesigned both newsletters and increased opens and clicks by 20%..  Dear Workforce e-newsletter

Workforce Benefits e-newsletter. Created new e-mail newsletter and built loyal audience.

Workforce Training s a monthly e-mail newsletter

Workforce Training e-newsletter